Monday, February 7, 2011

The Seamstress

I got CR a toy sewing machine for her birthday. It's been a real hit. She started playing with it immediately. I had my reservations upon purchasing it. It only cost $20. I figured that it wouldn't really work. - So far, so good. It's a real hoot to hear her at the breakfast table with the little machine cranked up. All she's been doing so far is making stitches in her scrap of material, taking them out and then sewing them back again. - She has a vision though and has requested more material.

Notice what's left of the finger nail polish...imagine if you will, about half a bottle of that polish on your bedroom carpet...*sigh*.


  1. I'm glad she likes it! She should try quilting! :)

  2. Just found your blog and this really reminds me of myself as a young girl.

    Not sure if she's into that, but try to find her some patters for barbies (or similiar). There are a bunch of easy patterns that is a great way to start, because it gives practice before starting on real clothes.