Thursday, July 29, 2010

Natchitoches, Louisiana

Last week, I made what has become an annual trek to Natchitoches. It's the oldest town in Louisiana (established 1714). It's also known for being the town where they filmed the movie "Steel Magnolias".

Up Close and Personal

So, my parents have wild rabbits that they feed in their backyard. They come out all throughout the day. There's one that will even eat out of your hand - more like SNATCH the food out of your hand. Contrary to popular belief, they do NOT like vegetables. They like apples, pears and bread.

(photo credits: my brother)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home Exterior Facelift

My parents' house recently got a little "facelift"...


The before pic was taken during a different time of day so you really can't tell too much of a difference in the main paint color but it had more of a faded look. The trim color looks pretty accurate. It had a lot of yellow in it.


A deeper shade of exterior paint. A true shade of white for the trim. Black shutters and a fresh coat of black paint on the old white rockers. From drab to FAB!

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