Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mama Tried

Friday, I caught a wild hair and decided that since it was a cloudy day, it might be a good day for a little treasure hunt with the girls. So I did my research (to ensure a successful search), loaded the GPS and off we went (geocaching). Of course by the time we ran two little errands, the sun was shining. Then I realized I'd forgotten my cheat sheets. We forged ahead with our plans anyway. Once we got there, I accidentally erased not only the coordinates for the hunt but EVERYTHING ever saved on our GPS. I mean EVERYTHING. It asked me to start over with what country I wanted to map. The girls started getting cranky...and then it rained. We never found the treasures, but I did get these shots of the Cypress Preserve.

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  1. I love the marsh. It is so peaceful yet so much going on. Beautiful pictures.