Saturday, July 2, 2011

De - Landscaping

We've got TOO MUCH landscaping!!! Our whole lot is about an acre with quite a few trees. Lots of limbs and leaves to pick up in addition to the upkeep of mowing - so we've decided to simplify our terrain.

Our latest project (before)...

Asiatic Jasmine! - We started tackling part of this eye-sore yesterday evening. I hadn't done much with this spot other than edging it because it's so wide that I'd have to get "in" it to maintain it. The thought of standing in this mess kind of scared me. I was worried there'd be mice, rats or snakes. Grass shoots were sprouting up and leaves would get trapped in it in the Fall. Anyway, we decided yesterday that it just needed to go.

We had about three loads like this.

Ta da... The AFTER!!!

Now we've just got to watch this spot for a while to eradicate any new runners that pop up. Then we're going to plant some grass and add a fountain.

In other areas of the yard, we had knock-out roses planted around the trees and one large section that was filled with white azaleas and MORE Asiatic Jasmine. We decided that all of this needed to go as well. Too much pruning and once again it was just a trap for leaves. I posted an announcement on Facebook "come and get 'em". BAM! - The next day, I had a taker! A friend and her husband came by on his lunch break and dug out some plants. Then the following day, her neighbor sent some guys over to dig up some plants for her. Mission complete! I don't have any "before" pictures, it happened so fast. But I very well could have had at least 30 plants removed.

The dark spot around the grouping of trees was filled with knock-out roses.

This spot was filled with azaleas. - Which SOUNDS all pretty, but was really just a random mess. Maybe if they'd been more established and bigger, it would have worked but it was basically just a leaf catcher. The brighter green, are the remaining azaleas that have been taken over by the lovely ground cover. Once we get this area cleaned out...We're going to let all of these "dirt" spots fill in with grass. Less is more.

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