Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today was the last full day of school - aka - last day of freedom for me. I went to Cleveland to grieve. I picked up these "sweet things" on my way home. Today we sampled "Delta at Midnight". Saving "Lemon Drop", "Strawberry Fields" and "Red Velvet" for another day. I was scared there'd be a riot at the suggestion that we all "sample" each one. After the first bite were all in agreement. - Pass the water please.

I fed my obsession at McCarty's Pottery and bought three more chimes. I think I still need at least three more to fill up the space. I'm trying to create a visual wall in that corner of the patio. I could spread them further apart but then they would never touch, therefore they would never "chime". It takes a pretty good gust of wind to get them to swing. To give you some perspective on size - the long ones are about five and a half feet long. I think they'll make a great backdrop for my next photo shoot of the girls.

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