Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bedroom Make-under

Here's the latest project we've been working on. WE - as in "the hubby and I". This one was not a project that I could do alone - due to the painted ceiling and the size of the room. With the two of us working - it's a full two day project. You can't really experience the true color of the walls in this picture but it's basically a moss green with a sponge of another shade of green and maroon - with a glaze on top of that. It's VERY dark in real life.

Here's what half of the room looks like now. We've still got another coat to go on the ceiling. The fan will be taken down and spray painted white. I contemplated painting the ceiling a shade lighter than the walls but it's such a long project as it is - we're going to stay with white to keep it quick and simple. All the the trim will receive a fresh coat at a later date.

Here's a picture with some of the remainder of the room to show the contrast.

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