Thursday, January 13, 2011

Insomnia - Tales from the Crib

Last night, the eldest (fourth grader), got up after trying to sleep. Said she was having a hard time and needed to talk to me. - Just couldn't wait until I came in to "check" on her. She proceeded to tell me that she's been worried about something since before Christmas. - Then she decided she wasn't going to say anything. I convinced her that it was - OK - to tell me what was wrong. You can only imagine how my mind started reeling, curious and concerned that something bad could be keeping her awake these past few weeks.

And she starts..."Well, you know how we are supposed to get our papers signed at school? Before Christmas, I looked over and I saw in the trash can a bunch of signed papers, - a whole bunch of them. And it just bothers me so much..." She couldn't hold back anymore...

"They don't RECYCLE."
God bless her. - I'm going back to bed.

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