Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lakeport Plantation - Lake Village, AR

The girls and I checked out Lakeport Plantation Saturday. It's the only remaining Arkansas Plantation home on the Mississippi River. The house is being restored by Arkansas State University.

I didn't expect the house to be painted a "color". Most that I've been to are usually white. This was it's original color.

Love this restored door. So pretty.

Just a bit of "mythical" plantation trivia... the "story" is that many of the homes have these huge windows because there was a tax for each outside door. So they would make windows that were tall enough to walk through. Regardless, they were good for ventilation.

I was also surprised to see some ironwork on the house. I guess I figured that since it was a working plantation, it wouldn't have such a "showy" detail.

This is the view from the second floor balcony. The bright green patch at the top of the picture is the Mississippi River levy - I believe.


  1. Very interesting about the door tax. Didn't know that. The door in the 4th picture is beautiful...and incredibly tall!

  2. We don't tell the story about doors, windows and taxes at Lakeport. Good info on doors & taxes is here:

  3. Great article. Since there doesn't seem to be much evidence to the accuracy of such taxes on the architectural features back then, I guess we can assume that many of the features have evolved like they do today. - The latest trend.