Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photo Assignment

OK - If you're a follower of The Pioneer Woman...she likes to give photo assignments. This means that she gives a topic and people submit their best photos that represent that category. Upon facing the reality that my pictures will probably not be "a chosen one" among the gajillions submitted...I shall submit my own on my site!!!
- Where I'm always a winner! Hee!

This week's assignment: Landscapes

Burlington, IA - Crapo Park

Park City, Utah

St. Francisville, LA

Half Moon Bay, CA

Roadside cotton patch, Louisiana

Cypress Preserve - Greenville, MS


  1. Tough call. They are all wonderful pics and I am sure memories as well. Keep shooting!

  2. All great pictures! I think the first and third one are my favorites, although the two barefoot little girls make the last one so great! You should have entered, although I completely understand...it seems like you must have a photography business to win at PW. I always enjoy looking at the photos for the contests though.

  3. You can enter one a day...I entered the Spanish Moss picture, and the Cypress Preserve - hoping for points of originality. I may do the cotton patch tomorrow - since no one else has entered anything like that.