Monday, August 3, 2009

Moser Tower/Millenium Carillon

Saturday, the hubby decided that our family should have a fire drill. This activity would require me to climb out a second story window, down a fire ladder with our girls following after me. After realizing that this "practice" would probably damage our house, we opted to save this adventure for the "real deal". I was pretty relieved since I have a fear of heights. It will take a raging fire to get me out that window!

So we decided to check this out's just a "little" bit worse than a second story window right?

There are something like 10 carillons (bell towers) in the world, with six in the U.S. and one happens to be located here in Naperville, IL.

The biggest bell...

View from the top, looking towards Chicago. You could see a faint silhouette of the Sears Tower on the horizon but the camera didn't pick it up.

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